3 Phase AC to DC Converter (Level 2)

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As the aerospace industry moves towards the concept of More Electric Aircraft (MEA) in design, high-density electrical power systems are displacing a majority of aircraft systems traditionally driven by a combination of hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, and mechanical power transfer systems. So you require high power converters to condition the variable-frequency power from the generator into a DC voltage and to drive different loads in an aircraft. The design of the high power converter, the 3-phase 230V 400 Hz AC to 28V DC converter with a 20-60A load is demonstrated using the top-down design approach.

Circuit Snapshot:
Refer to the attached snapshot "3-phase_ac_dc_conv_level2.png".

How To Use:
  1. Download the attached design folder "3_Phase_AC_DC_Conv_Level_2.zip".
  2. Extract the files to any location on your PC.
  3. Invoke SaberRD.
  4. Open the design "ac2dc_level2_i_avg.ai_dsn".
  5. Perform the analysis as per the settings given in the Quick Analysis box inside the schematic and plot the signals listed to understand the behavior of the design.
For more description, type of analysis to be performed, signals to be viewed or compared, refer to the README.pdf available in the design folder.


This example works only in SaberRD Commercial Edition.

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