Airplane electrical accessory - Galley oven example

This design example shows the functionality of electric ovens used in aircraft systems. The galley oven consists of a power supply unit, an oven and a control unit. The power supply unit gives a constant voltage of 15 V and also supplies power to the oven. The control unit controls the power demand of the oven through a switch. Comparator and decoder that belong to the control unit are created using StateAMS tool.

Circuit Snapshot:

Refer to the attached snapshot "Galley_oven_example.png".

How To Use:
  1. Download the attached design folder "".
  2. Extract the files to any location on your PC.
  3. Invoke SaberRD.
  4. Navigate to the directory where the unzipped file is available.
  5. Open the file that has the extension, ".ai_dsn".
  6. Perform the analysis as per the settings given in the Quick Analysis box inside the schematic and plot the signals listed to understand the behavior of the design.
For more information, please refer to README file available in the attached file.


This example works only in SaberRD Commercial Edition.

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