VDA AK30 Reference Example Powernet System

This design example shows a test-bench describing a simple board net that consists of a generator, a battery, a time-dependent load, and some resistors.This example represents a design of vehicle powernet system in Saber using VDA/FAT-AK 30 VHDL-AMS models. A control panel is used to control the signals for change of loads and temperatures. The design also uses a DC-DC converter for the purpose of converting the input battery voltage of 14V to feed 42V bus.

Circuit Snapshot:
Refer to the attached snapshot "Powernet_Example.png".

How To Use:
Prerequisite for simulating this example in SaberRD:
The design uses several customized models and this library of models have to be imported and compiled before running the simulation.
1. Download the attached library named AK30_examples.zip to your local drive.
2. Launch SaberRD.
3. Open any sample design or create an empty design.
4. Import the downloaded library file AK30_examples.zip from the local drive into SaberRD by using the “Import Library” option as shown in the picture named import_lib.png and compile the library.

Download and simulate the example in SaberRD:
1. Download the enclosed design zip file named Powernet.zip to your local drive.
2. Unzip the file.
3. Launch SaberRD.
4. Navigate to the directory where the unzipped files are available.
5. Open the file that has the extension, ".ai_dsn".
6. Follow the simulation instructions mentioned in the schematic.

This example works only in SaberRD Commercial Edition.
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