5-15kW,3Phase,12-Pulse 230VAC to 270VDC Converter with BLDC1

A typical application of a power distributed system on an aircraft is demonstrated in Saber. It is covered in two levels of abstraction, level 0 and level 1. In level 0, averaged models are used for the switching circuits like 3-phase AC/DC converter and brushless DCPM controller. In level 1, the 3-phase AC/DC converter and the brushless DCPM controller are realized using switching devices. Each level targets different simulation needs, providing flexibility to choose the right one(s) for a design project in different phases of the development cycle. Each level is covered in a separate design example.
* Level 0 in 'ac2dc_dcpm_level0'
* Level 1 in 'ac2dc_dcpm_level1'

Level 1 of the power distributed system is explained in this example. The circuit diagram of the power distribution system level 1 is shown in ac2dc_dcpm_level1.png.

Circuit Snapshot:
Refer to the attached snapshot "ac2dc_dcpm_level1.png".

How to install and use this example:

Download the ac2dc_dcpm_level1.zip file to your local drive.Unzip the file.Launch SaberRD.Navigate to the directory where the unzipped file is available.Open the file that has the extension, ".ai_dsn".Perform the analysis as per the settings given in the Quick Analysis box inside the schematic and plot the signals listed to understand the behavior of the design.
For more details please refer to the attached .zip file (ac2dc_dcpm_level1_Readme.zip)

This example works only in SaberRD Commercial Edition.
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