Three phase full wave bridge rectifier

This example shows three phase full wave bridge rectifier circuit. The diode bridge used here implements physics-behavioral diodes representing the semiconductor elements. A three phase full wave bridge rectifier consists of six diodes. For many three phase AC applications, where the full wave bridge serves to convert an AC input into a DC output, the addition of a capacitor may be desired because the bridge alone supplies an output of fixed polarity but continuously varying or "pulsating" magnitude, an attribute commonly referred to as "ripple". For this reason the bridge model includes a filter capacitance. The user may specify the capacitance value, as well as an ESR value, which is optional.

Circuit Snapshot:

Refer to the attached snapshot "three_phase_full_wave_bridge_rectifier.png".

How To Use:

1. Download the attached design folder".
2. Extract the files to any location on your PC.
3. Invoke SaberRD.
4. Open the design "Bridge_Fullwave.ai_dsn".
5. Perform the analysis as per the settings given in the Quick Analysis box inside the schematic and plot the signals listed to understand the behavior of the design.

For more description refer to the README file available in the design folder.


This example works in both SaberRD Commercial Edition and Student Edition.

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