DC/DC power converter average level design

This average level design converts 288V DC to 14V DC. It can be used to analyze the open and closed loop frequency responses and to evaluate the compensator design.
Frequency analysis needs to be done with the appropriate operating point. Batch files (.ai_scs) are being used in this example to run the whole simulation.

Circuit Snapshot:

Refer to the attached snapshot "dcdc_averaged_opamp.png".
To run the .ai_scs file, use following steps:
  1. Run dc analysis
  2. In the Simulator command window, type:
source xxx.ai_scs
e.g: source dcdc_averaged_opamp_openloop.ai_scs

After running the .ai_scs file, select Analyze -> Open Results and select the appropriate plot files

How to install and use this example:
  1. Download the enclosed zip file to your local drive.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Launch SaberRD.
  4. Navigate to the directory where the unzipped file is available.
  5. Open the file that has the extension, ".ai_dsn".
  6. Run open loop frequency simulation:
    -source dcdc_averaged_opamp_openloop.ai_scs
    -Plotfile to open: dcdc_averaged_opamp.ac
    -Signals to view: vout
  7. Run closed loop frequency simulation:
    -source dcdc_averaged_opamp_closeloop.ai_scs
    -Plotfile to open: dcdc_averaged_opamp.ac
    -Signals to view: vcontrol

For more description, type of analysis to be performed, signals to be viewed or compared, refer to the README file available in the zip file.<<br>

This design works in both SaberRD commercial and student edition.
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