SaberRD Student Edition Limitations

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The SaberRD Demo/Student Edition is identical to the commercial version, with the exception of the following limitations:
  •     The AIM Code task in the Experiment tool is disabled.
  •     Number of analog matrix variables is limited to 50.
  •     Number of schematic nodes is limited to 30.
  •     Number of runs in a Monte Carlo analysis, Parametric Sweep and Multi-Vary analysis is limited to 20.
  •     Schematics created in the Demo/Student Edition cannot be opened in the commercial product. Simulation results files (waveform plotfiles, reports) are not portable between the Demo/Student Edition and the commercial product.
  •     The library is marked as out-of-date if the edition does not match. If you try to use the model from the out-of-date library, it will result in errors.
  •     Grid Computing and Distributed Iterative Analysis is not supported.
  •     Encrypting MAST and VHDL-AMS models is not supported.
  •     Periodic AC analysis is not supported.
  •     Fault Analysis is not supported.
  •     The Experiment Analyzer does not support nested loops.
  •     New Power MOSFET and IGBT Modeling tools are not supported.
  •     Stress Analysis is not supported.
The SaberRD Demo/Student Edition is supported on Windows 7, 10 and requires a valid email address and internet connection to activate the installation.

To download the SaberRD Demo/Student Edition, visit

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