Spice To Saber Translator Wizard Enhancements in SaberRD

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Did you know that SaberRD and SaberRDS can take advantage of existing Spice models? Saber can easily convert a Spice model into MAST model and is very easy to bring into your Saber simulations. The utility is called Spice to Saber Translator (SST) that allows you to translate a SPICE (HSPICE, PSPICE) model to a MAST model.

In SaberRD, there are several easy ways to bring in a Spice model.
  • Do an import of Spice model from Parts Gallery.
  • Drag/Drop a Spice model from a Windows file browser into Parts Gallery.

In either ways, you have to create a Saber symbol to use the converted Spice model but SaberRD makes this part easy too with automatic symbol generation.

Please refer to the attached snapshot (spice_to_saber.png) showing the symbol automatically generated for a Spice op-amp model.

Spice to Saber translator wizard in SaberRD or SaberRDS has the following options (tabs):

1. Symbol Generation:
This generates the MAST symbol for the converted Spice model.
You can change the shape of the default box symbol to a more meaningful symbol listed in the Shape pull down item. You can also interchange the pin position by dragging/dropping any pin on the top of another. 

2. Pin Names:
Switch to this tab to change the pin names to any name of your choice.
Please refer to the attached snapshot (pin_names.png).

3. Spice File:
This tab displays the original Spice model (code).

4. Report:
Displays the netlist compilation report.

Step by Step procedure on how to use Spice To Saber translator is explained in the following help section:
SaberRD Modeling User Guide > Models from Other Sources > SPICE to Saber Translator

SST currently supports HSPICE and PSPICE netlist formats with default as PSPICE. The standard HSPICE and PSPICE models are usually pretty easy to be read into Saber. However, there can be lot of variations in Spice models. The import capabilities are surprisingly robust in handling this but as you would expect, non-standard Spice will present challenges to the import functionality. Also as expected, encrypted Spice models are unusable in anything other than the vendor tool that performed the encryption.


  • Hi,
    I am trying to import a PSPICE model into Saber but Saber is having a hard time opening the .net file. It's mentioned in this post that Saber may have a hard time converting due to variations in the Spice model, but my model is pretty straightforward. Can anyone give me any hints or things to look for in order to solve this issue?

    ~~~Here is a copy of the error:
    Start netlist compilation at Thu Feb 08 11:02:21 2018

    SST_ERROR:0x30201005:cannot open file ..\SCHEMATIC1.net.~~~

    I appreciate the help.

  • VishwaVishwa Posts: 86
    Hi Ranya,

    Saber supports spice files of extensions .mod, .cir, .ckt, .spi, .lib. Which version of Saber you are using? Are you trying to convert a PSpice schematic into Saber, you can only convert a netlist or spice sub-circuit into Saber equivalent MAST model which can be then used in Saber schematic after creating a symbol for it.

    Could you please send the PSpice model and I will take a look at it?

  • Hi,
    Im trying to include a model file in .lib format written in HSPICE but it giving me a hard time in converting.

    Can you please help.

  • VishwaVishwa Posts: 86
    Hi SKareer,

    Please send me the .lib file you are trying to convert.


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