Did you know that Saber can be automated through scripting?

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Please follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Open a design in Saber RDS
  2. Run any of the analyses on a design, for eg. Operating point, transient etc..
  3. In Simulator pane, notice the analysis carried out is described as a command. Each command is prefixed by the symbol ‘>’ 
  4. Copy the command in to a command script file (with extension *.ai_scs) using any of the text editors. Save it in the present working directory
  5. In the Simulator pane of Saber RDS, select the command script file by RMB, click on ‘Run Command Script’ and click ok. 

The analysis corresponding to the command in the command script file is automatically carried out on the design. You can include multiple commands in the command script file.

Attached picture below shows the Simulator Pane with the command for transient analysis shown in red box.


  • EmontalvortizEmontalvortiz Posts: 2
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    Dear Vishwa,

    This is very interesting and pretty useful. I have a question: What is the range of this scripting capability? In other words, can the user script everything from schematic building to the post processing tools? Or are there any limitations regarding what operations in Saber can be scripted?


    Eduardo Montalvo

  • Hi Eduardo,


    Scripts are basically capable of performing simulations (analysis, plotting and measurements) and automating the flow required starting analysis > plot > measure. Scripting is not meant for schematic building.

    Can you please explain 1-2 specific flows you are looking for?

    Best Regards.
  • Hello Vishwa,

    Thanks for your reply! I wasn't really looking for any specific examples as much as just knowing how far this capability extends to. 

    I'm currently working my way up with Saber, so I'm sure I'll have more questions once I'm able to try more things. 

    Thank you,


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