How can I display voltage and current waveforms in SaberRD?

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After performing a transient or small signal analysis on any design, you wish to see not only the node voltages but also the currents associated with each model. In SaberRD, voltage signals associated with each node (or wire) is displayed in the Results tab by default after the analysis is completed. To view the currents as well, you have to change the Signal list setting in the Advanced Simulation Settings. Please follow the steps given below to set the Signal list for transient analysis (The same procedure holds good for small signal analysis too)

1. In the Simulate menu, after choosing the transient analysis, click the small arrow as shown in adv_sim.png.
2. Change the Signal List to "All Signals" as shown in sig_list.png.
3. Re-run the transient analysis to see voltages as well as currents associated with the design.
    An example snapshot of currents seen for capacitor, resistor in a RLC design is shown in current.png

Signal List also has an option called "Browse Design" by which you can choose to display only signals (voltage and/or currents) of your interest by selecting the signal (multiple signals can be selected by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard) from the left side and placing it in the right side (Selected) box. An example is shown in choose_sig.png.


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