What is the syntax/method to specify the value variable resistor

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In one of my ciruit toplogy, I want to investigate optimum value of resitance which gives desired voltage and current signals . The value of resistor could be in the range of 1k  to 5k  with increment of 1k in each iteration. What is the syntax/method to specify the value of resistor so that simulation can take resistor value automatically at each iteration? 


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    Hi Kasunaidu,

    For this application, you can perform a "parameter sweep" analysis. The process for performing a parameter sweep analysis in SaberRD is as follows.

    1) Select transient analysis in the drop down menu of analysis (In Simulate Tab).

    2) On the right side; is the looping command which is "No looping" by default.

    3) Click the drop down button and select "Parameter Sweep".

    4) Select the parameter to sweep by clicking the selection button. Browse the design and select the parameter. In this case, it will be variable "r" of the resistor.

    5) Enter the Start, End and Step (By) values in the spaces provided.

    6) Click the Go button to simulate.

    You may verify the result from each value and decide the optimim value.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Thanks and regards,


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