single phase voltage source inverter example in power conversion doesn't work

rmkotechrmkotech Posts: 5
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If i run the example for inverter using igbt given in the power conversion examples, it throws following error

tr  -tend 40m -tstep 1u 
ERROR:  The simulation session can not find the Initial Point
referenced by the name dc.

Can anyone help?

thank you in advance,


  • VishwaVishwa Posts: 85
    Hi Ram,

    Which version of Saber you are using? And It looks like you are using Saber Sketch?
    The design is working fine in SaberRD 2013.12.  If you have access to use SaberRD, I suggest you to use this new product compared to Saber Sketch.

    Alternative solution is, any design that you load into the simulator should first find the initial condition of the circuit. This can be done by performing the DC (operating point) analysis. So, please perform the DC analysis and then run the transient (TR) analysis. This will solve the problem.

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