Are there any open web sources available for simulation models to use with Saber?

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Modeling and simulation methods are essential elements in the design and operation of any system. It helps reduce costs and increase the quality of products and systems. Modeling and simulation is a discipline for developing a level of understanding of the interaction of the parts of a system, and of the system as a whole. A system is understood to be an entity that maintains its existence through the interaction of its parts. A model is a simplified representation of the actual part/system intended to promote the understanding. Whether a model is a good model or not depends on the extent to which it promotes understanding.

Since all models are simplifications of reality there is always a trade-off as to what level of detail is included in the model. If very little detail is included in the model, one runs the risk of missing relevant interactions and the resultant model does not promote the understanding. On the other hand, if too much detail is included in the model, the model may become overly complicated and actually preclude the development of the understanding.

To ensure that the simulation results are reasonably accurate and practical, appropriate models have to be used. In addition to the rich collection of Saber library models, you can also take advantage of open web sources for simulation models. The attached folder ( has a html file that lists many of the open web model sources on the internet and how you can leverage these models in the Saber simulator.

Available model formats are: MAST, VHDL-AMS, Spice, IBIS.

1) Synopsys does not support or guarantee the authenticity of the models in any manner.
3) Use at your own risk. The models are not put through a product release process like the parts in Saber released libraries.

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