How can I use modeling tools?

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I just downloaded and test the SaberRD simulator. 
And I wanted to use modeling tools in 'Model' tab in toolbar to make new IGBT component. 
But, those functions are disabled to use. To be precise, the buttons are in deactivate state. 
Is it one of limitations in Student Edition? 

Besides, when I try to measure the values of result graph, the button named 'Apply Measures' is also forbidden.
I just followed the examples in tutorial video.
 Are there any more actions for activating my program.


  • Hello Shim,

    SaberRD Student Edition allows you to use all the modeling tools in Models tab. If you look at the attached image (igbt.png), you will see a button called Scan Data Utility (black box marked in the image) that helps you to trace the required characteristics curves from the datasheet. You can also refer to the help on IGBT tool for steps involved in characterizing an igbt.

    I am not sure why the Apply Measures is disabled. It is allowed in the student edition and works fine without any settings. There is no other special activations required for this. Can you please restart SaberRD and install any design example (From Start Page > Design Examples) and try if you can measure something on any graph (signal) that is plotted in the graph window?


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