Can I integrate Functional Mockup Units (FMUs) with Saber?

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Yes, Functional Mockup Units (FMUs) can be integrated with Saber for simulation using the CosiMate interface.

CosiMate provides the framework to link heterogeneous simulators at different abstraction levels representing physical and mathematical systems.This solution offers two major advantages, an open architecture enabling multi-point integration and communication of several simulators, and the ability to simulate models across the network optimizing CPU usage and simulation performance. CosiMate technology overcomes the accuracy degradation problem by allowing engineers to easily co-simulate complex systems across different domains of expertise that are using different validation tools and derive the combined benefit of a full system overview while obtaining dramatic performance improvements in simulation time.

The list of simulators and languages supported by CosiMate is available in the below link under the section “Supported Simulator and Language Interfaces” .

For more information, please contact the product experts.
CosiMate :
Saber :

Representational Image:

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