Centralized Doorlock System

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This circuit demonstrates the use of Saber in a mechatronic design. In this design digital, analog, and mechanical models are used to describe a doorlock system. Two digital inputs which model a rocker switch assembly in the system are used to activate the drive to doorlock motor and mechanization. The system consists of digital gates (AND gates used for the protection function), charge pump (used to drive the upper MOSFET in the H-Bridge as well as the lower MOSFETs) and the doorlock mechanism.

Circuit Snapshot:
Refer to the attached snapshot "central_doorlock.png".

How To Use:
1) Download the attached design folder "Centralized_Doorlock.zip".
2) Extract the files to any location on your PC.
3) Invoke SaberRD 2015.03.
4) Open the design "central_locking.ai_dsn".
5) Perform the analysis as per the settings given in the Quick Analysis box inside the schematic and plot the signals listed to understand the behavior of the design.
6) You can also choose to run the experiment that has a setup of analysis, signals using the Experiment Analyzer tool. After the experiment is executed, you will be able to plot the signals of interest automatically.

For more description about the design, experiment and results, refer to the readme.txt available in the design folder.

This design works only in SaberRD 2015.03 commercial version.
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