Electric Power Assisted Steering System - Fault demo

This Design Example is a demonstration of Fault Tool applied to the design of Electric Power Assisted Steering System. The example evaluates the system for determining the critical faults using an automated approach. SaberRD comes with powerful tools such as Fault Tool and Experiment Analyzer for automating the simulation of faults and identifying critical faults in a system. A fault detection algorithm is modeled and the effectiveness is checked.

Circuit Snapshot:
Refer to the attached snapshot "epas_system.png".

How to use the Example:
Download the attached "electric_power_assist_steering_system.zip" and unzip the contents. Open the electric_power_assist_steering_system.ai_dsn in SaberRD and run the experiments listed in the Experiment Analyzer.

For more details of the design, how to run the design, etc., refer to the README.pdf file in the folder.

This design example works only in SaberRD commercial edition 2015.03 and above.
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