Automotive Ignition Switch

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This circuit models the operation of a multi-position automotive ignition switch. It uses a 3-pole matrix switch template (sw_mtrx3) in conjunction with a programmable, sequencing driver template (sdr_prsq). The driver template provides a position value (1, 2, 3, or 4) to the switch, which makes a different connection for each value. This circuit also includes the v (voltage), r (resistor), l (inductor), and d (diode) templates from the standard template library, which provide models for a 12V battery, load resistance, and solenoid components.
Depending on the position value, the switch either disconnects the battery from the entire circuit (position 1, “off”), or it connects the battery to one or more of the loads: an accessory load (position 2, “acc”), an accessory and ignition load (position 3, “run”), or a solenoid load (position 4, “start”).

Circuit Snapshot:
Refer to the attached snapshot "automotive_ignition_switch.png".

How To Use:
1) Download the attached design folder "".
2) Extract the files to any location on your PC.
3) Invoke SaberRD 2015.03.
4) Open the design "ignition_switch.ai_dsn".
5) Perform the TR analysis as explained in page 2 of Readme.pdf file to understand the behavior of the design.
6) You can also choose to run the experiment that has a setup of analysis, signals, measurements, validation criteria using the Experiment Analyzer tool. After the experiment is executed, you will be able to plot the signals of interest and generate pass/fail report automatically.

For more description about the design, experiment and results, refer to the Readme.pdf available in the design folder.

This design works in both SaberRD 2015.03 commercial version and student version.

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