Variable Reluctance Shaft Speed Sensor Design Example

This design example demonstrates a physics-based Variable Reluctance (VR) Sensor model. The VR Shaft Speed Sensor, which is a combination of a gear wheel and a sensor coil, generates a voltage signal whose amplitude and frequency are function of shaft speed. A VR sensor interface board is designed to output the measured speed.

Circuit Snapshot:
Refer to the attached snapshot "vr_speed_sensor_schematic.png".

How to use the Example:

Download the attached "" and unzip the contents. Open the reluctance_speed_sensor.ai_dsn in SaberRD and run the experiment listed in the Experiment Analyzer.

For more details of the design, how to run the design, etc., refer to the README.pdf file in the folder.


This design example works only in SaberRD commercial edition 2015.03 and above.
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