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         I would like to simulate a DC-DC converter in SABER. And I have just finished to associate components for my circuit. However, when I launch the simulation, there is the following error message and the simulation is stopped:

          " INStantiate design, execution
time=1.11 sec.
SPLIT design, execution time=1 sec.

          *** FATAL ERROR
"ERR_EARLY_TERMINATION" *** Severe error(s) caused early termination. 
Netlister Detected Errors "

           I observe that unlike errors detected by the simulator which are associated with indications, possible reasons and/or solutions for troubleshooting the problem, the errors detected by the netlister don't give any indication so that the error can be solved.

           Do you have ideas about the commun reasons of the ERR_EARLY_TERMINATION Netlister Detected Errors ? In other words, what mistakes could I make in my circuit so that this error occurs?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards 

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