What is the minimum and recommended hardware configuration for running Saber

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The following recommendations generally apply to all supported platforms.

Minimum Hardware Specification: The minimum hardware specification for running Saber is as follows:
* CPU          : 1 GHz
* Processor    : 32 Bit, Single Core
* RAM          : 1 GB
* Video Memory : 32 MB
* Hard Disk    : 20 GB (7200 rpm or higher recommended)
* L2 Cache Size: 1 MB

The minimum requirements are generally suitable for smaller designs (up to 1000 elements) and simulations, which do not generate large amounts of data or machines on which there is little or no multi-tasking activity. This hardware profile can also be suitable for intensive graphical tasks (e.g. schematic entry) assuming 128MB of video memory or when dealing with complex designs that will be submitted to a compute grid for simulation. This type of hardware can be sufficient for the majority of design cases. However, the user may encounter limitations on 32-bit hardware when the design size exceeds 200,000 elements.

Recommended Hardware Specification: The recommended hardware specification for running Saber is as follows:

* CPU          : 3 GHz
* Processor :  64 Bit, Dual or Quad Core (Example : Intel i7)
* RAM          : 8 GB (or higher)
* Video Memory : 2 GB (or higher)
* Hard Disk    : 250 GB (or higher with >7200 rpm recommended)
* L2 Cache Size: 12 MB

In addition to the hardware configurations that is listed, it is recommended to have the following:

* DVD-R/W drive for software installation and data backup.
* Two USB ports for data transfer and, in some cases, licensing with a USB dongle.

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