How to remove the grey background of figures?

SciebouSciebou Posts: 10
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        How can I remove the grey background of figures in SABER? It would be nicer to present in a document these results without the grey background.

        Otherwise, is it possible to copy figures in the .emf (Enhanced MetaFile) format?

Thank you very much for your help.




  • VishwaVishwa Posts: 86
    Hi Sciebou,

    Are you looking for a functionality that removes the background color grey which is now displaying the x-axis (t(s)) and y-axis ((V)) and the wire (node) name "n_719" ?

    If yes, I am sorry since there is no option or functionality to remove that color. After exporting the image, you have to open that saved image in Microsoft Paint and edit the grey portion and re-save the image.

    Saber can save files to emf format. After opening the graph, use File > Save As... > Save as Other or Image Format. Choose the directory to save the image and select the image type as EMF. However, file of this type also will have the grey background color.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback!



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