SaberRD Design Example: Functional Safety Analysis for a Motor Drive Design

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This design example describes a torque-controlled motor drive which will be used for Functional Safety investigations. The permanent magnet synchronous motor is powered by a bridge with ideal switches and diodes. The control-signals for the bridge are generated by the FOC-block (field oriented control), that uses motor-angle and motor-current information as input signals. A battery supplies the system. The motor drive is protected by a fuse. Additionally, a Torque Monitor can be activated that uses the information from a torque-sensor.

By using SaberRD’s Fault Analysis, various hardware and software faults will be injected in the motor drive system. The resulting fault-effects will be analyzed and tested if they violate safety criteria. In case of violation of safety criteria, a mechanism will be developed to detect injected faults and to bring back the system into a safe state. In addition, the Distributed Iterative Analysis feature is demonstrated to increase productivity by reducing the simulation time by paralleling the simulation runs.

Circuit Snapshot:
Refer to the attached snapshot "motor_drive_FS.png".

How To Use:
  1. Download the attached design folder "".
  2. Extract the files to any location on your PC.
  3. Invoke SaberRD 2016.03.
  4. Open the design "motor_drive_FS.ai_dsn".
  5. Run the Experiment “Nominal_Behavior” as explained in page 1 of Readme.pdf file to understand the behavior of the design.
  6. For Functional Safety investigations, two other Experiments are available which execute a fault-analysis and automatically verify simulation results (“Fault_Analysis_with_Fuse” and “Fault_Analysis_with_Fuse_and_Torque_Monitor”).
For more description about the design, Experiments and results, refer to Readme.pdf file available in the attachment.

This design works in SaberRD 2016.03 commercial version, and not in the student version.

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