Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of an ABS/ASR System


The example shows the development of an ABS/ASR System from pure hydraulic system to a 1 wheel ABS/ASR System. 

# Hydraulic Design

# Mechatronic Design which shows current control module (to look at currents through the solenoids)

# ABS System for one wheel

The scope of this example is to improve the design through simulation. Under Nominal analysis experiment results look at p_brake signal which shows high overshoots, which should be reduced without losing too much response time. Compare the results with Vary_orifice_area and vary_new experiment results.

Circuit Snapshot:

Refer to the attached snapshot "abs_a3_new_v4.PNG" below.

How to use the Example:

Download the attached "" and unzip the contents. Open the abs_a3_new_v4.ai_dsn in SaberRD and run the experiment listed in the Experiment Analyzer.

For more details of the design, how to run the design, etc., refer to the README.pdf file attached.


This design example works only in SaberRD Commercial version 2016.03 SP1 and above.

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