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Hi Everyone,

I would like to know if you have any models/examples regarding my request below (of course I have ever checked all the examples in Saber RD and from this forum but They don't match with my request):

I need to modelize:

A very accurate lithium ion battery of up to 120 Ah capacity, The model
should accurately reflect all the criteria of 
A123 battery . It should
have LIN control.

A modern day alternator with "mosfet" type regulation. The alternator
needs to be able to be switched off and on either by a simple command (switch)
or due to some engine speed algorithm (increasing/decreasing). It should have
LIN control. An AC-DC converter is also need.




  • Hi Adrien,

    We do not have a ready made example or model you requested as of now.

    1) There is a generic Li-ion battery model in the library. Also in the next release we have a new Battery tool to customize the Li-Ion battery models using datasheets.

    2)There is a generic alternator model in library: It models a 3-phase, wye-connected, symmetrical electro-mechanical generator which is rectified by six diodes. The model converts mechanical energy provided to the shaft to electrical output. This model includes the effects of internal flux coupling as a function of shaft rotational angle and the self-excitation effect caused by magnetic remanence.

    If this detailed model is not required by you, then you can go for the generator gen_table_1 model which uses some lookup information like eff_rpm data etc to model the alternator behaviour.

    There is a alt_reg model which is simple model. For MOSFET type regulation, you may need to create your own hierarchical model using other generic parts.

    Could you give more details on LIN control? Is this a separate IC which is connected to your models?

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