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Hi Everyone,

I need your help regarding SABER -JMAG issue:

First of all:
I found in this forum the example named: motor functional safety (see enclosed) . In this example, you'll find 2 files: motor_torque.ai_dat
and motor_flux.ai_dat. and these files have respectively 21000 datas (if you edit the file with notepad).

I would like to know  which software has been used to create these
motor_torque.ai_dat and motor_flux.ai_dat files?
I would like to have these the original files which
have allowed to create the  motor_torque.ai_dat and motor_flux.ai_dat.
If JMAG has been used, it will be easier for me to have
the original motor and create a RT table.

Then secondly:

Moreover, if you take the example from SABER
"StartPage" --> Hybrid electric vehicle powertrain" -->
powertrain4.ai_dsn --> if you click on the JMAG motor, you'll have a JMAG window interface.

If I open the .rtt file in JMAG, many datas are
crypted, so it would be perfect If I could get the original files from JMAG
allowing to create this .rtt file. (The original file should be .jproj in JMAG)

Do you think  that's possible to provide me these kind of files?




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