How to start SaberRD Student Edition

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Hello I have tried to install the student version of the Saber software. When I then try to open `SaberRD Student Edition` I get the following error `Cannot create or write to C:/User/NAME/Documents/SaberRDStudent/Settings/2017.06.0/pid_ ai. no such file or directory`. I have tried to generate a .txt file with the same name, but still it did not work. Do you have a solution to this problem?


  • VishwaVishwa Posts: 86
    Hi Charlie,

    Thank you for choosing SaberRD.

    The reason for getting the message is because you do not have read+write permission to your home directory. Please check this and get the r+w permission from your IT and then invoke SaberRD Student Edition. This should work and you will be guided to activate the software. Just follow the instructions (asks for email address, and other general information) and you will receive the activation key by e-mail. Key in that information and you can start using SaberRD student edition.


  • Hi Vishwa,

    First of all thank you for your reply. I have some problems with the r+w permissions as you say. I can however not remove the read only attribute (I tried Can you tell me what type of file the pid_ai is? Then I can try and create it manually.

  • VishwaVishwa Posts: 86
    Hello Charlie,

    You cannot create a pid_ai file manually. It is a file generated by Saber while invocation and specific for each user login.

    Please check with your IT to get read+write permissions to your HOME directory OR ask them to set a separate HOME directory to a folder that has read+write permission. I am sorry but this is a per-requisite to start Saber.


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