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SaberES Designer includes a release flow to support design life management. SaberES Designer release flow archives and stores all versions and releases of a design. Also, it stores all links between different designs and versions. This enables you to do more checks and reports for understanding the changes that have been made. 

The newly introduced design branches enable you to work in parallel branches, at different release stages. In SaberES Designer there are three release stages, as follows:
  • Work in progress (WIP): In this stage, all the design changes are done. All changes from the parent design are implemented and all design changes are done. 
  • Pre-release: When all changes are done and the design in consistent with its parent design, the design is put into the Pre-release status. This stage is an intermediate stage, where designs are checked thoroughly, for the errors that were not detected in the WIP. 
  • Release: When all corrections are made, the design is put into its final release status. During this stage, no changes are accepted, and the design is archived. 
SaberES Designer saves all releases and links between the designs. This makes it possible to correct a branch of the design that has been released by creating an incremental release. This is useful when errors are discovered, for example, in prototype builds, that needs correction in the release design. After corrections, designs can be released again.

Release Flow exercises

In this example you will learn how to:
  • Work with version control
    • Check-out 
    • Check-in
  • Work with the release flow
    • Pre-Release
    • Release
To start, you will have a System design, a Wiring design with some Bundle design connected to it. The release flow will work for the complete flow. However, for explaining the release flow we will focus on the Wiring and Bundle designs. The System design is already released, as is the Wiring Design.
The scenario and the starting point to our design: The Bundle engineer responsible for the SUV has released the bundle design for a proto built. During the proto built it is noticed that C001 inline is incorrectly specified. From this it will take you through the complete process.

Installing this example

After you have downloaded this example and unzipped the content into a local folder, you will need to make some changes to the start script, to make this example work correctly. In the example folder you will find a file SaberESDesigner.bat. This file is used to start SaberESD and set the needed environment and settings.

Open the file in a text editor, such as Notepad. In this file there are setting that you must change to match your environment. The EXAMPLE_FOLDER should point to the folder where this example is placed and the SABER_INSTALL settings should point to the folder where you have installed SaberES Designer. Also, the .bat file has some help text to help you with this.

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