Create Excel in Saber ESD

naveenjnaveenj Posts: 5
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In Saber ESD, Graph can be saved as
text file and we can convert that to Excel file manually.

How  to create this Excel file automatically for transient analysis?

Naveenkumar J


  • VishwaVishwa Posts: 86
    Hi Naveen,

    Your request will be supported via SolvNet case 8001094950.
    Please watch out the communication on case reference number.

  • VishwaVishwa Posts: 86
    Hello Naveen,

    Good Morning.

    Hope the article I suggested
    earlier via case 8001094950, gives an idea on how to export plotted
    signals to text (& image format) which can then be opened in
    MS-Excel for further investigation.

    As informed by your IT (Maria
    Metze), please contact Volvo-IT support in the future for any support
    required on Saber.Thank you for your co-operation.

    Best Regards.

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