How to use i_trpf?


I'm using SaberRD

I have saved my plotfile in folderA to a separate design folderB where I intend to import the exported plotfile, SaberRD create two files iLoad1.ai_pl and iLoad1.p2 in folderB, in the folderB design I imported i_trpf, for the trfile field I put "iLoad1" and in the trcname I put "iLoad1.p2"

I have double checked iLoad1.ai_pl using notepad++ the data_file points to iLoad1.p2

I get an error when I start running the simulation

*** ERROR "TMPL_WFPFREAD" *** For file="@myDesignName.iLoad1.ai_pl", curve="iLoad1.p2", segment="1" in instance /i_trpf.i_trpf6: *** ERROR "PL_OPEN_FILE" *** File not opened.

ERROR: unable to load the Simulatable Model. Elaboration failed.

Please show how to use i_trpf, thanks

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