Accelerating Wiring Design using Harness Architecture in SaberES Designer

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Be it for industrial machineries, automotive, or aerospace designs, wiring harness is quite complex in nature. The harness design tool, SaberES Designer, can help you handle the complexity and accelerate the wiring harness design with its Harness Architecture feature. SaberES Designer is ISO26262 certified and offers unmatched complexity handling, concurrent engineering, efficient integration with leading 3D MCAD tools, and an integrated simulation environment for basic and advanced simulation. The Harness Architecture feature in SaberES Designer allows you to capture your vehicle wiring topology, including all the wiring harness paths and interconnection between various components, easily to import and re-use them into the downstream design flow. This helps you to create wiring designs in an automated generative approach and reduces the time and cost involved in making wiring designs.

Key benefits of using Harness Architecture in SaberES Designer:
1) Automated Inline connector placement
2) Automated cavity-signal assignment
3) Automated harness attributes assignment

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