Automotive Powernet Simulation & Fault Analysis Demo in SaberRD

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This video demonstrates the simulation for a Powernet design of a 12V vehicle system with various fault conditions and their impact on various design specifications such as Battery SOC limits, and Bus voltage limits. Using Fault tool in SaberRD, you can add and analyze all possible faults to the entire design or only to certain components by simulation. Parametric faults, open & short circuit faults, and “stuck at” faults (for digital signals) can be analyzed. These faults can be set as independent or concurrent faults and the fault timings can be defined too. In this demo, transient analysis is run for a fault set and the simulation report showing the impact for each fault is automatically generated using the Experiment Analyzer in SaberRD. Experiment Analyzer in SaberRD improves the productivity by automating the analyses and post-processing tasks.

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