stateAMS error

I got a "Error parsing Mast Template" error when I try to place the state model in my design.
Anyone can suggest what has gone wrong?


  • samhosamho Posts: 4
    It was working properly, but one day after I modified a bit on the model, it became not working. I tried to reinstall the software but still no use.
  • samhosamho Posts: 4
    The entire error message:

    Symbol 'dwell2gate' instantiated as template './dwell2gate.sin'.
    *** ERROR "EXT_TDB_EXCEPTION" *** An error occurred while accessing the template
    Error message follows:

    Error while generating tdb file(s):
    Error while executing "saberhdlcmd.exe -c saberhdl:Init -compileOnly -source work_tdb.ai_vhddsn -tdb tdbOnly -legacyMast -quiet -implicitInclude -edition saberrd":
    child process exited abnormally
    Command output follows:
    SaberHDL O-2018.09 Build 42 on 24-Aug-2018 Copyright (c) 1985-2016, Synopsys, Inc.
    MAST O-2018.09 Build 42 on 24-Aug-2018 Copyright (c) 1985-2016, Synopsys, Inc.
    Thu Oct 31 8:20:31 AM Malay Peninsula Standard Time 2019
    ERROR: Library work was compiled from a different version of the simulator. Consider compiling it with the current version to avoid unexpected behavior.
    ERROR: unable to load the Simulatable Model. Compilation failed.

    INStantiate design, execution time=0.406 sec.

    The following are digital parts for which hypermodels were
    necessary and which had hypermodels assigned by default.
    Model Pin Hypermodel
    integ_rh hold ide_a2d
    integ_rh reset ide_a2d
    SPLIT design, execution time=0.344 sec.
    *** FATAL ERROR "ERR_EARLY_TERMINATION" *** Severe error(s) caused early
    Netlister Detected Errors
  • samhosamho Posts: 4
    I solved the issue.
    I create a new design, copy the whole design schematic from the old over.
    And copy all the stateAMS models over.
    I think something has corrupted in the old design file package to cause the problem.

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